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Seamless transfer  Rate Topic 
 Posted: Tue Sep 29th, 2015 09:24 am
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At risk of being shot down in flames...

Had an experience with this under the old system... You just needed to send a formal letter stating a change of date - normally the end of the month. Basically then all that the area office need to do is issue a revised authorisation to test certificate under the new entity type.

On that day of the changeover, the VTS number should be reallocated from your existing AE number to a new one... That's it, no physical changes...

The new VTS system being in place should make no difference... You might have been an entirely new applicant to run an existing or new VTS in which case you would be dealt with through the office function within a few weeks at worst...

Hope that helps...

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 Posted: Mon Sep 28th, 2015 06:09 pm
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Hi All

I'm new to here and am looking for some advice..

I currently own a VTS in West Sussex which has been running for over 10 years carrying out approximately 100 tests per week.

I put in a application to the DVSA some weeks ago when Seamless transfer was available on Comp1 to transfer my VTS from my "Ltd Company" to a "Sole Trader status" I was told at the time that I would have to cease trading under my current VTS number and that the following day I would be able to trade under a new VTS number without interruption.

My VTS is now on Comp2 and my local area office have now advised me that my application has been accepted on principle but on COMP2 Seamless transfer is unavailable and that no time frame can be given to how long it will take for it all to transfer over.. Isn't this ridiculous? They want me to suggest a date to cease trading under my current VTS number but are unable to give me a date from when I can continue trading...

Can anyone offer some advise on this topic and shed some light.


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