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 Posted: Fri Sep 11th, 2009 07:36 pm
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I know of at least one freelance in my area.

He works predominantly for one site, and is paid a fee for each test. Monthly QC checks are done at this site.

He freelances at a few other sites to cover holidays etc, and when workloads increase he comes in to assist the AE/tester at those sites - most of which are one man + apprentice type businesses.

The AE's at these sites just add/remove him from the site via the VTS device, and record a QC against him whilst he's working there. In some months he will have more than the minimum QC checks recorded against him if he's temping at more than one site.

VOSA random spot check visits tend to focus on the results of recent MOT tests, re-examination of vehicles recently tested, consequently if he's testing at a site when VOSA pays a visit - he will more than likely be available for the re-inspection.

There are a few multi-site dealerships who list ALL their testers on the VT26 at each site - to allow flexibility of staff cover. Each testers QC records can be accessed via reports from the VTS device, so as long as the minimum monthly check is recorded for each tester, usually at his main site, it's deemed to be acceptable.


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