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 Posted: Thu Jan 21st, 2010 04:59 am
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Stealth wrote: Wesley wrote: gaz657 wrote: I have just had a visit today from a VE from Aberdeen who left VOSA at end of December and he has teamed up with an examiner from central Scotland and the previous area Manager from Inverness. he informed me that they all left at the end of December and have formed an MOT an haulage consultancy company. My boss has signed them up to do a yearly garage check and some QC checks, I dont know exactly what it cost but my boss claimed it was less than the price of a test each month, he says they will also act on our behave if we face points for making a mistake. I dont have a contact number ,but I could check the leaflet at work and let anybody thats interested know. it just goes to show that there are a few examiners jumping ship? 

Hi peeps,

This might be the "guys" that phoned us, as previously posted below?:?

On the phone they seem to be really agressive in their sales pitch when you challenge what they are actually offering?:?

Bearing in mind we were in the green on first assesment and have acted on advice given by VOSA, and since then we have had a further visit and have Improved our "ratings" even more,:D:P

An Agressive "Sales Pitch"?:X

"Hardball"?:? Sorry, "No Biscuit"!:P


Stealth disappears over the wall & ducks for cover :P;)

"Nice Parapet";)