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 Posted: Tue Jan 26th, 2010 04:54 am
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Stealth wrote: Bones n Hombre wrote: I always figured that , in reality all the answers can be found in the testing guide or the manual or the special notices and I personally would be far to tight , to pay someone else to read those for me.


Bones -

The problem - at least in my experience - is that many testers and AE's don't always have the time, or in some cases the inclination, to spend enough time keeping up to speed by actually reading the Manuals & Special Notices as thoroughly as they could.

They are often only brought down from the shelf & dusted off when there's some 'firefighting' to be done.



I think you have just, "hit the nail on the head"!;)........:P

So, "One" has to go out and "Sell" their services and knowlege of the guides and manuals to the testers and AE`s, Before trying to advise them of any shortcomings?

The "Issue" Is to Advise, In a "Consultancy Role", and Not try to "Enforce" as in a Previous Employment?:?


ps; is that your round next or mine?:P

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