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 Posted: Wed Mar 16th, 2011 09:51 pm
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volksjim wrote: i still believe "the guru"stealth.

Blimey jim - I get called some names, but that's a new one ;)

I'm just lucky that I have a host of stuff saved on my laptop to refer to ...;)

In February 2009 VOSA issued a 'Temporary Instruction'  to enforcement staff on the subject of 'Items Not Tested'

Apologies for the font size, I've copied & pasted the text.

The gist is that VE's should be advising testers NOT to use it - but to take no action except giving advice if it IS used.

It's there as a function on the VTS device so VOSA cannot be seen to penalise a tester for using it, but the correct procedure, as stated, is to abandon or abort the test.

Reason for Rejection ‘Not Tested’

Currently, we are aware that the information available to testers regarding the use of 'not tested' is ambiguous. The ‘not tested’ option was originally designed for VOSA staff only, which is why the Guide states that once a test is registered, if it cannot be completed for one of the reasons given in Appendix 3, you should abandon or abort the test. The inspection manual however retains the old wording and tells the tester to fail the vehicle which is why they are using 'not tested'.

The whole issue of ‘not tested’ is subject to a review to evaluate the implications of allowing common use. In the meantime common sense should prevail and although it technically goes against the Guide we should not consider any disciplinary action against the use of ‘not tested’.


As KevG stated earlier - every time VOSA wants to change something on Comp, Siemens have to re - write the software so there's obviously a fee involved.!