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 Posted: Thu Nov 3rd, 2011 05:17 pm
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A wide ranging group of organisations have come together in a campaign in opposition to the Government’s plans to reduce MOT Testing frequency, and to delay a vehicle’s first MOT until it is four years old. This strong coalition of organisations concerned with road safety, representing the interests of motorists (the AA and the RAC), together with prominent trade bodies within the motor trade feel strongly that the current annual MOT Testing regime with a vehicle’s first MOT on its third birthday should be retained.

The campaign, identified by a ‘ProMOTe' logo and a strapline – "Keeping Britain’s roads safe for all”, was launched on Thursday 27th October. Their website at provides visitors with the opportunity to sign up to a petition to maintain the current MOT regime which has made such a significant contribution to road safety over the years. If you too believe that any dilution of MOT fequency is, dangerous, expensive and unwanted, follow the link and sign the ProMOTe petition.

If you are involved in the MOT Industry you really should be supporting this campaign - log on to this site and show your support! Go to the link and SIGN THE PETITION.

Number signed to date (3/11/11): 370 – There are at least 50,000 people working in the MOT industry
as at:
4/11/11: 476
5/11/11: 597
7/11/11: 655
8/11/11: 711
10/11/11: 862
15/11/11: 963
22/11/11: 1004
25/11/11: 1059
Let's see some support!

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