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 Posted: Sun Mar 16th, 2014 05:24 am
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I assume that you will have your smart card?

If my assumption is correct I would if in your position register vehicles via the VTS device in training mode and get as much familiarity with using the system as you can, i.e. looking up reasons for rejections and reasons why a test may not be carried out.

Also look up via F5 the special notices and become familiar with them, there is a lot to take in and many new changes we have seen over time now.

DPF's are now a test item as well as CATs.

The roller brake test methods are new unless your equipment cannot be used for the new standard of test, then if that is the case you are allowed to revert back to the old system of testing.

Loads more things I could write, but as already said;

Practice, practice and practice some more:)