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 Posted: Sun Mar 16th, 2014 04:03 pm
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Hi cairns,

Being honest I am not in a position to advise exactly what you would be asked, but I was taking the view that the more practice using all the facilities, testing routine,Testing Guide and manual via the VTS device, and getting experience of the VTS device using the training facility would give you more practice and confidence on the day.

The VE's are not looking for perfection, they know we are only human:D

Things the VE would probably look at asking are things like refusal to test items, emissions limits on a vehicle type first registered at x date say, they do like their first used dates, so my advise is to read up in the manual first used dates:)

So to start then;

Main beam warning lamp - What is the date of first use to use when deciding if a vehicle should pass or fail?

Tyre pressure monitoring systems - When should you fail them?

If you are presented with a Narrow Track Vehicle and this vehicle will not safely fit on your approved ramp, can you still test it?

If a Land Rover was presented for test with a Gross Vehicle Weight of 3150kg, and a class IV vehicle maximum gross weight is 3000kg, are you allowed to test it as a class IV?

You are presented with a vehicle that you tested 5 working days ago, you check the VT30 and you find that you failed the vehicle on emissions, while lifting on the hoist you notice that the nearside rear wheel has a space saver fitted, which was not fitted when tested, what action should you take?

More than likely a VE will not ask anything so advanced, but the above will keep you busy for a while, look into the testing manual and guide, get a good feel for their use and find the answers, the more you do it the easier it becomes.

Hope everything works out well for you.:cool: