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 Posted: Tue Jun 18th, 2019 08:48 pm
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Paul S wrote:
Welcome to the forum qazwsxqazwsx
Reservoir insecure or inadequately mounted is a Major fail
so would be testers discretion, personally a cable tie suggests its not sound and supported & something is amiss therefore would I would fail.
Why is it cable tied?

Thanks for your reply.

Careless previous owner I guess.

From what I can see the moulded mounting stalk on the base of the reservoir has snapped just above the mounting point.
So it's either been repaired by glueing back together then drilling a hole for the cable tie to firm up both ends.
Or just drilling a hole for the cable tie to hold it :shock:

I can't see how the damage happened - there are no obvious signs of frontal or side impact.
Or if it has had an impact which broke off the reservoir then that would have damaged many other components.
And if they've been replaced why skimp on the fluid reservoir? :?