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 Posted: Wed Jul 31st, 2019 07:26 pm
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MOT News for Motorists on this Industry Portal 30th July 2019

reminded me of a post on another MOT Forum earlier this month..
Quote "It seems that it became necessary to test the electric headlamp level switch.
I seem to have missed this update and only found out today when I had a dvsa visit.
Where would I have seen it ? I have looked through special notices, is there a web link to changes ?
& a reply..
'if a headlamp adjuster switch is removed for retest it is a pass & advise' (Its the 16 comment from the bottom)

Is there anything that you’re finding particularly unclear about the guidance?.point is on a standard bulb set up sorting the headlamp adjuster/leveler switch can potentially be a very costly exercise so why aint DVSA included said comment/guidance into a SN