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 Posted: Mon Aug 12th, 2019 09:07 am
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The lease must be in the AE name (in this case the limited company)

If the lease is not yet generated then the only way to get an initial approval in principle then would be to get a solicitor to write a letter to state that "on completion of the handover xyz Ltd will have exclusive use of the premises necessary for MOT testing including the MOT bay, MOT parking, Waiting, Reception, Viewing and other associated MOT offices under a legally enforceable lease"

This should then enable you to get the change "pre-approved" - another letter from the solicitor will need to confimr that XYZ now have a legally enforceable lease giving exclusive use of the premises..... (etc)"

However this is a running change to an existing VTS so should be pretty easy to do in "steps"

You could change yourself to the AEDM (which is what you meant by AE) now on the existing authorisation - this will at least start the ball rolling and will minimise the hoops you have to jump through at a later stage.

You can see my user handle. So if you need to contact us/me you can do so via DM or the 'phone.

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PS in this instance the AE is XYZ Ltd. You will be the AEDM (manager) this is a different role.