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 Posted: Wed Sep 18th, 2019 07:23 pm
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Paul S

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Stealth wrote:
Paul S wrote:
Stealth failing an engine management light staying on is not fair on the basis it passes the smoke or emission test what do you think?

I couldn't possibly comment. ;);););)

ok its the thought that addition to the New MOT Manual..we got
Ronnie posted on 12 September 2019 It's not the core of the TEST its the caliber of testers allowed once upon a time being a tester used to mean something

Julia (DVSA) posted on 17 September 2019
Hi MOT testers have to meet eligibility rules, take a tester qualification course and carry out a demonstration test. They also have to carry out training and assessment every year. With this in mind, the skills required to become an MOT tester have increased not deceased.

& now they got testers nominating themselves?