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 Posted: Thu Sep 19th, 2019 07:35 pm
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Paul S

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right & can a prospective tester nominate him/herself cause if true the title NT dont apply,dot the i's and cross the t's,they may never of worked at a test station.don't require technical expertise to pass or hands on experience working at a station let alone being nominated by one, its as Ronnie said on the What connected MOT equipment means for you blog 'It's not the core of the TEST its the caliber of testers allowed once upon a time being a tester used to mean something'.

anthony marshall posted 05 September
How long before you do away with the N/T altogether?
Julia (DVSA) posted 09 September
Hi Anthony As all testers and mechanics know, cars have changed significantly since the MOT test was first introduced. Using connected equipment lays the foundations for DVSA to prepare for any future changes to vehicle testing.