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 Posted: Fri Sep 20th, 2019 09:50 am
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[Note: Tester Training rules have changes since this article was posted].
In turn the AE has the power to nominate specially trained individuals to carry out MOT Testing on customers’ cars. So the official name for an MOT Tester is Nominated Tester (NT) because he or she has been nominated by the AE. It should be noted that this is why it is impossible for aspiring young MOT Testers to go to college and learn the profession – they have first to be trained at a Testing Garage and then ‘nominated’ by the AE.

An aspiring Tester also has to have either a certain minimum formal qualification or sit a special examination set by DVSA before then going on a two-day course set up by DVSA to, as they say “calibrate his or her skills”.

Despite being ultimately fully responsible for all MOT Testing, DVSA have never published either a complete training programme or an approved syllabus to train MOT Testers).

Now that Tester Training rules have changed things aint improved & cars have changed significantly since the MOT test was first introduced. Using connected equipment lays the foundations for DVSA to prepare for any future changes to vehicle testing.....:shock: