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 Posted: Sat Feb 21st, 2009 09:17 pm
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The Mot Tester


neveklle wrote: Can anyone help?


We have a lad who just failed his NTT, but he would prefer training rather than re-sit the exam and fail again having to sit 2 years before he can try again, just wandered if anyone has any recommendations as close to Shropshire as possible?





Hi there,

You may be better off looking on Computerisation at the testing guide were all information is available, or alternatively contact VOSA with your enquiry.

I was under the impression the NTTA exam was introduced for those persons who wished to become testers, but did not have any relevant qualifications.

I am not aware of a way round the NTTA exam via practical assessment as that has to be part of the approval anyway?

Keep us posted:)